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Spidey’s Debut

I was on the scene in New York’s AMC Lincoln Square theater at around 10:30 am outside in the scorching sun, where there weren’t lines to get into the theater, other than myself. I’d have to say, waiting for a full 12 hours before even being allowed into the theater, caused the air to be abuzz with anticipation. Now for us, dedicated fans, like myself, journey on some excruciating environments and the long awaited hours. We go through this for the excitement that brings us to skip out on sleep or even wait outside in the scorching heat if we have to, in order to get first dibs on their favorite movie and/or seats.

Started off standing behind a stanchion that labeled “The Amazing Spider-Man IMAX 3D for 12:01 am,” but as time passed throughout mid-morning, people passing by, were curious in finding out what I was waiting for and why. There were even moments where a group of  tourists had asked to take photos/videos with and of me. Surely enough, by early afternoon, a sympathetic USPS employee had refused to have me stand for 12 hours and offered a milk crate to sit so the wait would be less painful.

Hours passed by, and you can start to notice the line to get into the theater took up almost the entire block. Although the wait outside wasn’t pleasant, not to worry though, fans backed up each other up to get food, refreshments and bathroom breaks. Inside the theater, a two sided actual movie posters were distributed, as the anticipation grew to a fever pitch.

As midnight neared, there were fans dressed as our fellow web-slinger, which really amped up the excitement level. Once we were all settled in and time struck 12:01 am, the IMAX intro starting in a higher hi-res feature. My first reaction to that was “it’s iOS 6!! (a joke for those of you that are Mac/iPhone users). And then… the movie began.

Before I get into the specifics, let me just say that this is a movie that I feel is fun and entertaining but not necessarily “superb”. There’s a pretty consistent take on the movie that praises the actors/actresses and a lot that I thought was very interesting and enjoyed, but there’s also the varying degrees of distaste for much of the rest of the picture. But now’s the time to tell us what you thought, so leave your thoughts on the film. As always, spoilers are expected below, and in the comments.

WARNING!!! – Contains spoilers below. Do not read if you have yet to see the film and wish to avoid, well, being spoiled.

But more than anything else, I’m intrigued to know how people are responding to a movie that very clearly went through a restructuring process of telling Peter Parker’s early life and how he becomes who he is. The adaptation of how big of a part Peter Parker’s parents play in the Spider-Man story, was definitely a motivating factor in this movie. But much of that narrative line seems to have been cut.

And what about the action, and the overall feel that Webb brings to the film? Garfield and Stone are difficult to fault, but once you get past their performances (and the work of the rest of the cast), is there anything here for Spidey fans to really love?




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