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‘Rise of the Guardians’ Trailer: Legends unite.

Although we have seen some footage from what DreamWorks Animation has to offer in this movie, they have released a second trailer for Rise of the Guardians that offers a more substantial look at the film to date. This movie is a new epic and magical 3D adventure that puts a fresh spin on classic fairy tale characters such as Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin) and the Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman). Jack Frost starred by Chris Pine, a rebellious character who is chosen to join the Guardians, a group of fairy tale heroes who protect children from the nefarious Pitch (Jude Law).

The animation is very well prepared, and there’s a liveliness to some of the camerawork that I really enjoy. Whether the storyboard plays a balance or not, will be a different matter, but there’s enough cute work from the voice actors that it might be worth a look for that alone.

Rise of the Guardians opens on November 21.

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