No go on the feathered dinosaurs

With a lot to base off from real evidence of how dinosaurs actually looked or how their behavior was, it looks like Colin Trevorrow is looking to keep the dinos in their natural state. Trevorrow is a fan of the JP series and was chosen to bring the franchise back up.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 5.14.08 PM

Although the 2001’s Jurassic Park III, did have Velociraptors with feathers, there were many concerns on whether it would be the similar if not the same approach, but Trevorrow has confirmed, “no feathers” for the sequel. With the selection of not having feathers, what are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “No go on the feathered dinosaurs

  1. I always praised Jurassic Park for having the most accurately depicted dinosaurs in any film, apart from the Velociraptors which we now know where no bigger than a large dog, rather than the 6foot tall creatures we saw in JP.

    However, one thing I am aware of is the need for progress and for JP to continue being successful, it needs to remain scientifically accurate.

    Does this mean that Trevorrow is getting rid of Velociraptors completely, as we now know Velociraptors were very feathered indeed? I hope not, but the thing I am praying for the most is that the story remains believable – after all, the difference between a good and bad sci-fi film is the premise remains believable at all times.

    1. Very true. There’s no word on whether Trevorrow is going to remove the Velociraptors completely or not. Heck, he may not even put them in. But I do agree with your statement on that it should remain scientifically accurate, as that would definitely draw more people to believing the behaviors of the dinosaurs without making it cheesy, but rather unexpected.

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