Maleficent: So Wicked

“Let us tell an old story anew, and see how well you know it.” The narration begins with this simple line to forewarn us of the changes to come. We are told of two rival kingdoms, the world of humans and the Moors. Home to fairies, trolls and wicker men, the Moors is a breathtaking place full of magnificence and wonder. We meet Maleficent as a wide eyed, curious child! She is, seemingly, the protector of the Moors and always ensures their safety. What comes next is the beginning of Maleficent’s realization that the human world is full of treachery and disdain. She begins to darken as her world suddenly changes. Friends become enemies and she takes charge of the Moors. Destined to be a leader, Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) ensures her world is now feared by the humans.


The story does take a visit back to the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ tale we all know and love as she curses the infant Aurora who is later portrayed by Elle Fanning. Maleficent takes a keen interest in her upbringing, even at one point making a joke that she dislikes children. The audience chuckled. Diavel (Sam Riley) is a surprising addition to the story. Saved by Maleficent from impending death, he now allows her to transform him into any creature including a human. No matter the creature he becomes, he retains some form of his birdlike tendencies. Once Maleficent is on screen, she captivates us all. We await each action and linger on the words she speaks. We have all fallen in love with the “villain!”

Maleficent tells a tumultuous story of heartbreak and revenge. Angelina Jolie delivers a masterful performance as a wronged and vengeful woman. A woman that will make us all remember her for years to come. The pain, torture and hunger for the existence of love is sure to leave many of us feeling that this is something that is just too realistic for words. There is one scene, the one in which her wings are taken, that has seared into my brain and I will not forget it ever. A scene so brutal that your heart breaks as you watch it. Angelina delivers a wicked but comical recreation of Maleficent. Disney has given us a brand new view on the fairytale. Be warned, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


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