Sneak Peek of Civil War?

With Age of Ultron setting the records this past weekend, there is already a promo art for Civil War. Now for fans out there, there are some noticeable designs already from Iron Man. Besides, his “Bleeding Edge” design of the armor, his helm design looks like its from the Ultimate series, yet his arc reactor is not the OG round design. Capt. America’s costume doesn’t look too different from Age of Ultron besides¬†removing the red tint from the star on his chest, and adding a bit more on his sides. There also seems to be more bulk around the forearms and shins… but for all intents and purposes, this is pretty much the same costume.


Civil War is also titled, Captain America: Civil War, which makes me wonder if its almost like how Batman v. Superman is where its not a sequel to Winter Soldier but more of an introduction to other characters involved. There are concerns about whether Spidey will be caught in the middle of all of this or will it be revised.

Questions, questions, questions…

Stay tuned for future updates.


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